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Lashes up to the sky

Many women dream of having beautiful eyelashes. It is worth considering why, and what they do to reach their goal.

What do women want?

As mentioned before, women dream of beautiful, long and silky lashes. Not many people spare a thought for from where that strong fascination of lashes originates. Most likely it results from the fact that a woman’s gaze is considered one of the biggest weapons of womanhood. Just one smouldering glance from under a set of long lashes is enough to make a man quiver. The greatest icons of female beauty considered ittheir biggest asset. A strong and meaningful glance dependsnot only on the colour of the eyes, but also their outline of which the lashes are surely the most important element.

Natural lashes

Unfortunately, not many women can enjoy gorgeous, natural lashes. Most of us need to use various mascaras to give them desired length and thickness. However, using mascara meansmaking up every day, not to mention purchasing the product.
Natural lashes are little hairs growing on everybody’s upper and lower eye lid. Their direct function is to protect our eyes from sand and other pollutants. There are 200 to 250 lashes oneach lid. If your lashes are very thin, then their impact is not the same as in case of people with thicker eyelashes. Spectacular effects can be achieved not only by thickening lashes, but also by increasing their density. If they are growing rather sparsely, then surely there will some place in between them that could be used for extra hair. The hair on your eyelid, just like the hair on your head, has its specificlongevity; therefore within half a year it will have dropped out and will be replaced by newly grown hair. Sometimes though, due to lack of nutrition, hair falls out much faster than it should.

Improving our lashes’ appearance

Even if nature did not bestow upon us gorgeous and long lashes, it doesn’t mean we have to forget about having them. Today’s cosmetic industry, including cosmetic treatments’,change rapidly, and new technologies are being established to meet their clients’ expectations. Through this the three most important ways of improving the lashes’ appearance were revealed.

Eyelash extensions

  • ​Where?
    Eyelash extension is a treatment that should beperformed in a beauty salon. It is important to choose a salon that is knowledgeable in this subject, as there are cases of thistreatment being badly carried out.
  • What does it consist of?
    ​The treatment consists of attaching individual, fake hairs to a client’s natural lashes. This extends the length of the lashes even for up to a few millimetres! The hair is attached to the lashes with special glue.
  • ​What are the effects?
    ​This treatment enables having your eyelashes extended from one to a few millimetres. The effect doesn’t look verynatural, however a lot depends on the material that is used, as there is a choice of several products of different look and price.
  • ​Advantages of the treatment
    The treatment is quick and after a while you can enjoy longer lashes. You can choose the type of material used, as well as the length of individual hairs, that are to be used for extending the eyelashes.
  • Disadvantages of the treatment
    ​The treatment is quite pricey, especially if you opt forbetter quality materials. The glue used for attaching the individual hairs to the natural lashes loses its strength with time, which means that maintenance will be needed. The treatment can also cause the lashes to be over loaded, and cantherefore result in them weakening and dropping out. Additionally, sometimes this treatment requires abstainingfrom the use of mascara for a period of time.

​Eyelash densification

  • Where?
    ​Densification of eyelashes is a treatment that should beperformed in a beauty salon. It is important to make sure that the beautician has appropriate knowledge and qualifications to perform this type of treatment.
  • What does it consist of?
    ​This treatment consists of attaching with special glue a little clump of fake hairs in the gaps between the naturallashes. It allows a significant densification of your eyelashes.
  • ​What are the effects?
    ​In this treatment, the final effect appears much more natural than extended lashes. Just the same as with extensions,you can choose a material (of different quality and price) used for densification.
  • Advantages of the treatment
    Gorgeous and dense lashes can be achieved within several minutes. The final appearance is much more natural than that of lash extensions.
  • ​Disadvantages of the treatment
    ​The glue used to attach the lashes loses its strength with time and therefore some maintenance is needed. Also, it can cause allergic reactions. Using mascara is not recommended after this treatment.

​Eyelash conditioner

  • Where?
    ​The purchased eyelash conditioner can be used at home. Its application is not difficult.
  • How does it work?
    ​The eyelash conditioner provides necessary vitamins and other ingredients which encourage hair growth.
  • What are the effects?
    Thanks to the eyelash conditioner, your lashes not only stopfalling out, but also grow longer and thicker. Additionally they become darker and shinier. And what is most important – it’s all natural.
  • Advantages of the treatment
    ​Purchasing of the eyelash conditioner is a much lower cost than a pricey treatment performed in a beauty salon. The effects are natural and long-lasting, and they do not incur correction or maintenance costs. You don’t have to worry about lashes dropping out after the treatment, and there is no requirement to refrain from using mascara.
  • ​Disadvantages of the treatment
    ​The effects of the treatment are not instant – to see themyou will have to wait several weeks.
  • Why the eyelash conditioner?
    ​Using a eyelash conditioner (for example Nanolash) has many advantages. First and foremost, it allows you to have our own, gorgeous and natural lashes. Is it then worth paying a lot of money for artificial lashes, while any of us can enjoy a beautiful set of natural ones? Obviously, it is worth waiting for the results, as you can be sure that no corrections ormaintenance will be ever needed. From week to week yourlashes will be longer, thicker and better looking. Thanks to many ingredients, including cucumber extract, you care not only for your lashes, but also all the skin around your eyes, which becomes smoother and more radiant.
  • ​How to use the eyelash conditioner
    ​Every evening before going to sleep, you need to completely remove your makeup, paying special attention to any remains of mascara. Next, using a brush, you need to apply a small amount of the conditioner along the line of your lashes. Remember not to use too much of the product and avoid getting it into your eyes, which could cause irritation. The conditioner should be applied only once a day, accordingly to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Using it daily, you can simply wait for the results that will surely surprise not only your friends, but also yourself.

​Lash conditioners have already won the hearts of thousands of clients all over the world. They are worth trying, so that you can enjoy long, thick and gorgeous lashes, just like many other women.

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My eyelashes have been falling out extensively for some time. Do you have any idea how to stop it? I want to nourish them somehow before I lose them all.


In my case castor oil worked a treat. I am not experienced with eyelash conditioners, but if they have an interesting ingredients, then maybe it is worth giving them a go!


In my case Nanolash worked great in a bit of a spur-of-the-moment situation. Unfortunately, I am too embarrassed to give you details ;)


I have learnt my lesson as far as lash extension is concerned.Wouldn’t recommend that treatment to anyone. It seems it is not suitable for everybody. Regards.


True, densification is much more universal. With eyelash extension the treatment causes overloading on the lashes and if they are weak they will start dropping out. Next time keep the length and make them denser.


To be honest the beautician should tell you about it, but normally will not even mention that if the lashes are weak they can start dropping….


I can recommend a great conditioner called Nanolash. It gives great results, I am sure it will help you. Really recommended.


Thanks a lot. Is there anybody else who could say something more about these conditioners? I am looking forward to other opinions about them.


Try the castor oil. It may help, and if not then try the conditioners, because some of them really do help.


My beautician didn’t say a word. I threw a lot of money down the drain and not only lost my own lashes, but those extended too. Nightmare, really! Lashes up to the sky….